Managing Director

Tom Cull

Tom Cull is a driven, motivated and hands-on Managing Director, bringing decades of experience to the role. He maintains high engagement and presence in every project, with an unsurpassed track record for Building Excellence. Tom believes in openness and transparency, deeply collaborating with clients and fostering a culture of communication within his team.

Project Manager


After 30 years, 250+ projects and multiple continents, calling Ian experienced is an understatement. His working knowledge spans design, coordination and management, encompassing film studios to luxury residences. As an architect and project manager, he’s able to realise aesthetic visions within time and budgetary constraints. Plus, he’s a people person. Ian is passionate about collaboration, bringing everyone from developers to specialty craftsmen together for seamless, outstanding builds.

Project Manager


Drawing upon his experience managing award winning multi-residential developments as well as several complex single dwelling residential developments, Neil strives for betterment with each of his projects.
A licensed builder and carpenter by trade, construction is part of his make up and it is his tireless ambition and driving motivation that brings more than just a practical approach to the table.

Project Manager


As both an architect and Project Manager, Greg offers a rare combination of design savvy and businness acumen. His professional experience spans single dwellings, medium-density developments, non-profit and commercial projects – all undertaken with a deep awareness of design drivers and building precision. Greg has previously managed projects of up to $15m in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Accounts Manager


With over 18 years accounting experience, including payroll management for 450 staff at Guess, it’s safe to call Sheryn a financial guru. From airlines to resorts, precise bookkeeping to proactive HR, her knack for numbers translates across the board. Sheryn is the hyper-professional and people-loving secret behind TC Build’s smooth financial processes.

Project Manager


Beyond Jesse’s professional qualifications, it’s his passion, enthusiasm and meticulous eye which make him the ideal Project Manager. A true people person, Jesse builds high-quality relationships with clients and contractors, delivering exceptional results borne of partnership. He is the man you want in charge of your build.

Project Manager


James is the definition of a great Project Manager, combining adaptability, attention to detail and excellent interpersonal skills. He brings organisational and logistical nous to the team, plus a habit of increasing efficiency while reducing costs – a professional superpower. James is innovative and ambitious, comfortably managing complex, high-end projects from early in his career.

Lead Estimator


Having spent the last 8 years of his career devoting unwavering dedication to his work in estimating, Tim truly represents his role as a Lead. An estimator’s position, determines the success of each project, however most importantly it can determine the ultimate success of the company. Tim’s attention to detail and pragmatic approach demonstrates his ongoing achievements with each job, though it’s his uncompromising commitment defining his success with TC Build.

Commercial Manager


Alex is one of the finest commercial managers we have ever seen. Completing his MBA in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Construction Project Management, with honours – he has built himself a portfolio that rivals few. In 10 years, Alex has successfully delivered large-scale projects across multiple market sectors working with budgets ranging from 4 mil – 114 mil. If that isn’t impressive enough, he also has 3 prestigious awards under his belt, cementing his status as one of the best.

Finance Manager


Kamatchi graduated from the University of Sydney Technology, with an MBA in accounting, and a secret passion for all things biology, and microbiology. This is a good sign of someone who understands not only numbers, but people and life down to the cellular level (and yes he he studied a degree in it as well). This is why is he our superstar finance manager, ensuring each project is in safe, knowing hands.


The dream executive team that makes TC Build what it is today. Our people are a curation of award winning, top of the class graduates with the finest of experience. Collectively, they bring tens of years worth of expertise to the table.

Our Heroes

Meet the heroes. Our Site Managers and Project Engineers see that each project undertaken is delivered smoothly, on time, and to precision. They are masters of the trade as they bring years of experience in all facets of construction. We are incredibly proud to have them as a part of our team.